We’d love to give you our clients’ full names and company names, so you could ask them about us, but in today’s cybersecurity climate, it would be irresponsible to publish a client list on our public Web site. Imagine a cyber criminal sending an email, or even calling one of our clients, posing as a Clocktower employee and requesting access to the clients’ computer! The security of our clients is our top concern, and our track record of protecting our clients proves this.

Professional, Responsive, and Courteous

The Clocktower team are professional, responsive, and courteous and are always inviting feedback as to how they can service us better. We especially appreciate that they are constantly enhancing their services. Clocktower places a high value on security, training, and staying ahead of the curve, all of which are essential in our tech-dependent, financial services business.

Josh Principal & COO
Financial Planning

They Always Have Our Backs

As a satisfied client of Clocktower Technology Services, I can confidently say that their team has provided my firm with security and peace of mind. Being in the financial service industry brings a heightened sense of security to our data, but with Clocktower, I know that my systems are protected from cyber threats, and they always have our backs.
One thing that stands out about Clocktower is their efficient and helpful help desk. Whenever we have a problem with technology, they are always able to assist us. I even had a printer issue on Christmas Eve, and they were there to help me out.
For anyone who may be on the fence about choosing Clocktower as their IT firm, I would say this: You have more important things to do with your time. Delegate the safety of your system to people that are watching 24/7. I highly recommend Clocktower Technology Services to any company that values efficiency, security, and peace of mind.

Steve President
Financial Planning

Clocktower is the One

Clocktower Technology Services has met all our IT functionality and security needs to keep our manufacturing operation running smoothly.
Their company size and structure make it so that we get immediate attention from the help desk and, if needed, more complex issues get transferred to the right specialist to get it fixed.
The value and service is what every small to mid-size company need. If you are looking for IT support, Clocktower is the one.

Frank Owner

Quick, Professional Support at a Reasonable Cost

It’s hard to single out just one benefit in using Clocktower. The contending benefits include that that the in-house support is professional and quick to respond, the 24/7 support team is excellent for off-hours support with either phone, chat, or email support options. The pro-active attention to security issues has helped us in protecting our business and in developing an initial NIST SP 800-171 compliance assessment report, which is becoming important for government contracting. Clocktower has also been supporting our telecom equipment and VOIP systems for over a decade. All of that said, I think the best aspect of using Clocktower is the trustworthiness and professionalism of the entire organization.
We have used two other IT firms in prior years. One was a local business who were relatively expensive and rarely provided any actual support. We used a second IT firm which was a national chain business advertising low rates. The actual IT techs used by this business were erratic in capability and had difficulty in resolving most technical questions. Clocktower consistently provides us with quick, professional support and are able to resolve all technical and system wide support needs at a reasonable monthly cost.
To whomever may be reading this, your businesses IT support is becoming an even greater critical need for protecting your company’s ability to operate and grow without becoming attacked by computer savvy bad actors. I fully recommend using Clocktower Technology Services, Inc., with Bryan and Robert Sullo at the helm, to provide high-level IT, Telecom, and Information Security.

Dave VP & Technical Director
Research and Development

More Than a Number

As a long-time client, the biggest benefit of working with Clocktower is trusting that they are at the forefront of security and protection of our data. A close second is that our staff can contact Clocktower with any questions and normally have a quick resolution.
I especially appreciate the way they’ve structured their business, which gives us a more personal touch that I’m not sure we can get elsewhere.
Clocktower is committed to providing solutions that work for both the manufacturing and R&D sides of our business. To Clocktower we are more than a number. They care about our business and the people who make it run.

Sean Head Engineer

Peace of Mind

As a manufacturing company, we can’t afford to lose our history files, and we certainly can’t afford extended downtime. I have peace of mind with the disaster recovery and business continuity systems Clocktower has put in place.
The staff at Clocktower are always ready to listen to our concerns and work with us to supply solutions that meet our needs.
We’ve been with Clocktower for well over a decade, and they haven’t given us a reason to look anywhere else for our IT needs.

Dave Plant Manager

An Honest Relationship that I Trust and Rely On

The single biggest benefit with using Clocktower, is reliability. When I call with a need, a question, or a problem, I know I’m going to get help. I feel as though they are an extension of our IT Department, not a vendor. Whenever a problem arises, there’s always a plan to get me back up and running as quickly as possible. Clocktower’s support and expertise give me peace of mind.
With Clocktower, I always feel that I am a priority, but I also know that I’m not the only customer, so when I need work done, I appreciate that I am never overpromised and then rescheduled again and again. We have honest conversations about how critical my need is and where the work will fall into already-existing work. It is an honest relationship that I trust and rely on.
We have been a Clocktower customer for Telecommunications for over twenty years. There is no other vendor that offers their level of service, reliability, and integrity.

Linda Technical Specialist


I’ve worked with several IT companies over the past 35 years in business and Clocktower is by far the best!
Our relationship with Clocktower gives us peace of mind, knowing that we’re working with a professional company in the challenging and ever-changing field of cyber security.
The quality that really sets Clocktower apart from other IT firms is Communication! Clocktower excels in communicating objectives and delivering results.

John Owner

The Best Part of Our Relationship is the Relationship

Clocktower has been providing top quality service to our school for over a decade, always providing sage advice that fits the school's needs above all else and expectations. The engineer we work with makes every effort to answer all my questions, big and small and works tirelessly on engineering, implementing and supporting cost effective solutions.
In general, the service and support industries have been increasingly difficult to work with over the past few years. From my perspective, Clocktower and their staff have only improved. The best part of our relationship is the relationship.
With over 20 years of experience in the field myself, I can honestly say the solutions and service I have received from Clocktower are second to none, and if there are any questions about the dedication and high level of service between vendors you are deciding on, rest assured Clocktower provides both.

Russ Director of Technology

We’re Fully Covered

Working with Clocktower, we have confidence that whatever the situation, they will see it through to the end. As a club that is busy 7 days a week, being able to pick up the phone and quickly connect with a qualified IT professional is invaluable. More than that, there is an expert on staff in every area of IT, so we’re fully covered.
On a Sunday morning when your point-of-sale system is having trouble, you can call and get assistance from a live IT professional by simple phone call. You can be confident that they will do everything possible to solve the issues. If not, they will be on your phone or in your email first thing Monday morning. Clocktower has the professionals and wants your systems working correctly.

Stephen General Manager

Do It!!!

From the start, Clocktower took the time to understand our unique challenges as a small-town fire department and mapped out a solution that balanced our budget challenges with critical IT requirements.
The people at Clocktower seem committed to transparency, and doing business with them is easy.
If you’re on the fence about choosing Clocktower, Do It!!! Clocktower is a partner in our success and is helpful in all aspects of our IT journey. From supporting legacy hardware to positioning our assets for the future, they have a full array of solutions to assist.

Jeff Client
Municipal Sector

Mihail had the problem solved in less than 5 minutes! Great job!!! As usual.

Debbie Manufacturing

Tyler was great and concise--helped solve problem and got solution to make log in remote easier.

Jerry Manufacturing

The gentleman I worked with quickly understood the challenge and reviewed all possible options with me. In short, problem solved, well done!

Joe Manufacturing

I had a really enjoyable experience with your tech. She was really friendly!

Melissa Manufacturing

I want to thank you again for the professional service you gave me over the phone . . . You saved me tens of hours + aggravation.

Daniel Plumbing

Tyler was very good and very patient with me thank you Tyler.

Alice Private Equity

Bryan did a terrific job in addressing the problem we had with a PC.

David Research and Development

Chuck helped me out and solved the problem. It could not have been better or easier.

Robert Waste Management

Thanks for the help!!!! You guys are Great!

Jack Civil Engineering

The tech did a great job walking me through how to fix my connectivity issues and explaining the process. The issue was resolved in a very timely manner.

Joshua Civil Engineering

Great service. Prompt attention.

Linda Civil Engineering

The personnel that worked on my case was knowledgeable and professional in helping me resolve my issue in a timely manner.

Mike Hospitality

I was learning the new system. The tech was very patient with me.

Christopher Legal

Technician was very pleasant and the ‘fix’ was speedy.

Ellen Manufacturing

very nice guy, and very helpful. Painless experience.

Kyle Manufacturing

Great help...Dmitry followed up next day and solved issue... he is a great asset to your organization.

Paul Manufacturing

Keep up the great work! Thanks for sticking with the issue till it was resolved!

Steven Manufacturing

From Outdated to Efficient

Prior to signing on with Clocktower, the club had an outdated infrastructure that caused unnecessary downtime and delays in resolving network issues. We now have up-to-date equipment and services that have made the club more efficient to run its day-to-day operations. We also now have a reliable backup system in place and a secure disaster recovery plan.
The Clocktower team is knowledgeable in their field and prompt in their response to the Club’s needs in resolving IT issues. Their help desk team provides prompt service in helping resolve technical issues, and their CIO consistently keeps the club abreast of new technology in the market that can help enhance the current infrastructure/services in a more cost-effective manner.
The club has partnered with Clocktower over the last 9 years, and they have always been prompt and reliable, resolving the club’s IT issues in record time. Their IT management practices give the club the peace of mind that if there was ever an issue, the downtime and disruption of services would be minimal.

Chris CFO

Made it easy to understand and figure out what I needed, was also able to answer some of my curiosity questions.

Dana end user at a manufacturing client

Clocktower is ALWAYS very helpful in any problem I have ever had. . .I am always so grateful you are there to help me.

Joy Access Control

I am grateful to have such a qualified group of people supporting me. Thanks to all of you.

Daniel Financial Services

Kwab was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. He knew immediately what my problem was and was very efficient in getting me back up and running ASAP. I am always impressed with the level of expertise among all of your technicians!

Dorothy Hospitality

Andrea was great. One of the smoothest and kindest interactions I've had over the years!

Kelsea Hospitality

Thank you so much for working on this issue – you, Dmitry and the staff at Clocktower are awesome. I really appreciate the patience everyone had in me calling a thousand times (slight exaggeration lol) and having my computer back in tip-top shape.

Norma Jean Hospitality

Ryan was a real pleasure to work with. Great attitude and very professional. I will say that he stands out and is a real asset to the Clocktower team. I look forward to future interactions with Ryan as he also makes the technical discussion easy to digest and simple for customers to understand. Add to that his ability to quickly diagnose and provide real time answers.

Jamie Manufacturing

Derek did a great job... Short and sweet. Logged into my computer and he was done with-in minutes.

John Manufacturing

Cindy is awesome! We appreciate all she does for us! Thank you!

Trish Wellness

Results absolutely made my day and will save me an immense amount of time. Can't thank you enough.

Cheryl Civil Engineering

Awesome and prompt response, solved my issue with Outlook got my back up in less time than I expected. Great experience!

J.P. Civil Engineering

Josh was quick, precise, and thorough. He double checked to make sure what he had done solved my problem.

John Civil Engineering

Felt well taken care of and confident that my issues would be and were resolved.

Catherine Life Sciences

Chuck was excellent.

Bernard Manufacturing

Derek did a great job and helped me out. I am not a computer wiz so he knew what I wanted, took control and got it done. Easy Peasy!

Clint Manufacturing