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Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows operating system, and they’re putting on a full-court press to make sure everyone upgrades. You may have seen notifications on your computer inviting you to upgrade to Windows 10. Even if you haven’t seen these notifications, you may be wondering if you should upgrade your computer to Windows 10, or if you should purchase a new computer that already has Windows 10.

Getting a New PC with Windows 10 Pre-installed

Let’s start with the easy one: Should you purchase a new computer with Windows 10 for your business?
We’ve seen no compelling reason to run out and purchase a new computer simply for the sake of getting Windows 10. On the other hand, if it’s getting time to purchase a new computer anyway, we haven’t seen any reason not to purchase one with Windows 10 pre-installed. If your business applications work with Windows 8, they will almost definitely work with Windows 10. That being said, you should start slowly. You don’t want to purchase all new Windows 10 computers only to find out that your main line-of-business software doesn’t work properly on any of them.

Upgrading Existing PCs from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10

An operating system upgrade is a big deal. In fact, we have always recommended against operating system upgrades: Your PC was designed for a particular version of Windows. All the components were tested to be compatible with that version. A new version may not be compatible with all of your hardware. It may slow down your computer or cause it to stop functioning. (We’ve seen computers that perform better and computers that perform worse after Windows 10 upgrades.)

In most cases, Windows 10 is a fairly minor upgrade, but we have seen glitches and compatibility problems. It can take a few hours to complete the upgrade, and, if it doesn’t work, a few hours to undo it. Even when it does work, troubleshooting any subsequent problems with hardware or other programs can be a lengthy process.

Unless you have a very compelling reason to upgrade a particular PC, we recommend not upgrading, and waiting until you purchase a new computer to get Windows 10.

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