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Send an E-mail without Checking Your E-mail

Productivity blogs abound with advice about only checking e-mail a few times per day, yet most e-mail programs assume that checking e-mail is your number one priority. You can turn off pop-up notifications and the new mail chime, but you’re forced into checking your mail every time you want to send a new one.

How do you send an e-mail message? Almost always, you start by going to the Inbox. For those of us who are easily distracted, that might kill the next half-hour of productivity right there.

If you’re Right-click the Outlook icon to bring up the jump-list menurunning Windows 7, there’s a better way. You can send a message without ever looking at your Inbox. As long as Outlook is running, you can right-click the Outlook icon on the task bar. This will bring up the jump-list menu that has a list of actions you can perform.

At the top of the jump-list is the item, New E-mail Message. Click that, and a new e-mail message will open. You can compose and send the message without ever going to your Inbox.

Note that the jump-list includes other items, such as New Appointment, New Meeting, and others. You can perform any of these tasks right from the task bar.

By the way, if you’re still running Windows XP (which is rapidly approaching end-of-life), you can make a similar shortcut by following the instructions found here.

The Windows 7 task bar is pretty powerful, and jump-lists can be quite useful. Right-click on other programs’ icons to see what you can do.


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