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How Running a Business is Like a Visit to the Dentist

I recently heard a story about a man who endured some unnecessarily painful dental work. This man’s dentist (whom he had seen since childhood) was apparently not very forthcoming, and never offered Novocain, or any kind of anesthesia when filling a cavity. The patient, who knew what Novocain was, assumed it was only used for more painful procedures and never thought to ask for it. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty, this man had ten cavities filled, all without the use of pain killers.

As a consultant, I see the inner workings of many businesses, and I see employees and business owners enduring unnecessary “pains” because they don’t know what technologies are available to alleviate them. In many cases, like our dental patient, they’re aware of certain technologies, but don’t realize these are applicable in their case, so they silently endure, thinking that this is just the way things are.

We don’t expect our customers to know what’s available or what technology will save them time, save them money, or make them more secure. Unlike the dentist in this story, we develop a dialogue with our customers, finding out what hurts and then offering our knowledge and expertise to eliminate the pain.

Does your business have a pain? There’s almost assuredly a way to fix it. So, tell us, where does it hurt?

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