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“Got Payroll Sent in Time. Woo hoo!”

“Got payroll sent in time. Woo hoo!”

That was the email message that made me feel better than anything else this week. No, it wasn’t our payroll person telling me I was going to get paid, it was the payroll administrator of one of our clients telling me that their 100+ employees were going to get their checks on time despite the fact that both her computer and the accounting system had been wiped out by the newest variant of the CryptoWall virus.

The fact that the malware got through at all is frustrating, but it can happen, despite the best, most up-to-date security measures. The difference between recovery and disaster is how your IT team prepares for, and responds to, this kind of incident.

Here’s how we were able to recover in time for their payroll deadline:

Rapid Response

Our clients know that the fastest way to get their problems resolved is to call us as soon as they have one. Our 24×7 service desk is a core component of every plan, meaning our clients’ employees can call us any time, for any problem, at no additional charge.
This particular problem was first reported late at night, when one of the night staff noticed the point of sale system was acting funny. She knew that it wouldn’t pay to try to figure it out herself, or to drag her fellow employees into the problem, so she immediately called and got a technician on the line. Our service desk tech was able to quickly identify the problem as a CryptoWall infection and shut the servers down to contain the virus before it caused even more harm.

Reliable Backup

Our Ironbridge Business Continuance Service performs backups at frequent intervals throughout the day (not just once a day, in the middle of the night, like a lot of backup systems). This meant we were able to restore the data to a point just minutes prior to when the virus hit. With a traditional backup, they would have lost at least a day’s work—assuming the previous night’s backup had worked. With our Ironbridge product, the window of missing data was small, and easily cleaned up the next day.

Knowledge and Documentation

At Clocktower, we’re fanatical about documentation. No piece of knowledge about a client’s technology should ever live in just one person’s head. We have systems in place to ensure that the information our techs and engineers need to service our clients is always available to them in a secure manner. Our knowledge and documentation of the client’s complex network meant that we could quickly track down the source of the infection and eliminate it from the network.


Fortunately, this kind of problem is a very rare occurrence, since our clients have several layers of protection, but there’s no such thing as “100% secure.” When the worst happens, you need experience, planning, and foresight on your side.

If you want Clocktower on your side, or if you’re just interested to know how your security stacks up, call us today for a free consultation, at 508-541-6143.

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