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Clocktower Instrumental in Repeal of IT Service Tax

Courtesy, Milford Daily News /

Courtesy, Milford Daily News /

In July of 2013, the Massachusetts Legislature approved a measure that would levy a 6.25% tax on the majority of Information Technology services, like those provided by Clocktower Technology Services, Inc. This tax would have been levied, not on us, or other IT service providers, but on our clients. Clocktower’s mission is to save our clients money. Typically, we do that through proper application of technology, but we saw this tax as a challenge to that mission, and as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our clients.

Clocktower got out in front of this issue, setting up the website, and a Facebook page of the same name, the day after the vote was cast, as a rallying point and repository of information for other concerned parties. We were the first company to alert the media, and the first to provide an interview, which was run in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

As awareness of the issue among the business community grew, we continued to provide interviews for newspaper, television, radio, and trade magazines, and met frequently with state representatives (who were generally in support of the tax, and who had all gone on vacation almost immediately after the vote was cast). During those meetings we were able to inform legislators how this tax would actually affect business in Massachusetts, and get several of them to change their minds.

Boston Business Journal report from 2 August 2013

Through the efforts of a coalition of Massachusetts businesses, on September 27th, 2013, two long months after the bill was passed, Governor Patrick signed the repeal of the unprecedented new tax.

The day before the repeal, Clocktower hosted a televised press conference, where state legislators who opposed the tax, and concerned business people were able to voice their concerns to the media that we need to be ever-on-guard against this type of back-door tax in the future.

At Clocktower Technology Services, we are committed to not only providing the best services available, but also, when necessary, being an advocate for our clients on the political stage.


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