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Business Continuance Server

Your server just crashed. How quickly can you be running again? How much data did you lose? How long will it take before everything is back the way it was before? Will it ever be?

Protecting Your Servers — Protecting Your Business

Your servers are the central component of your data network. They hold all your irreplaceable data—years of hard work and valuable intellectual property. If your company is like most, you have a backup mechanism but no real plan to deal with a server failure or other disaster.

How much would your company have to spend for server recovery and lost productivity in the event of a server crash? Can you even say with confidence that your data would be available, or would you have to recreate days, weeks, months or even years of information?

Peace of Mind in an Uncertain World

Clocktower’s Business Continuance Server has one goal—to keep your business up and running. We move past the traditional model of “backup” and address business continuity head-on.

Every computer—every server—will fail. It’s only a matter of time. When it happens, your business can’t afford to wait while you scramble around trying to find installation discs, license keys, and documentation to rebuild your server. Even with a rebuilt server, you still have to find and restore your data. If that data is on a tape, there’s a 50% chance (according to the Gartner Group) the restore will fail.

With Clocktower’s Business Continuance Server, your server is protected from failure. The hardware may go down, but the operating system, the programs, and your data will still be intact and available. This allows your business to keep running like nothing happened.


Near-real-time, Continuous Backups: Your servers will be replicated to a local appliance as often as every 5 minutes. These incremental images will be saved and archived in daily, weekly and monthly sets, allowing you to restore from multiple time periods.

Off-site Storage: The incremental images will also be sent off-site to a hardened data center. All off-site transmissions are encrypted and the data resides at the storage facilities in encrypted format.

Server Virtualization: Should your server crash, we can virtualize it within two hours. This means that your server will be up and running inside our server as if nothing happened. This allows your people to continue working and using the server, while the physical machine is repaired or replaced.

Bare-metal Restore: Once the server is fixed or a replacement has been ordered, we can push the current image, from the Business Continuance Server onto the new equipment, without going through an extended process of installing, configuring and patching the operating system and other programs.

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